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Interlite solutions limited is a company that prides in open source software. Our agenda is to utilize the softwares available in the open source community to build and offer affordable services to customers to help them achieve their goals at the cheapest cost possible.

These open source software include, Linux operating systems, email servers, telecommunication softwares, Dns servers, Billing systems, security systems. The softwares currently being; Linux, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, courier MTA, EXIM, postfix, Bind/Named dns server, Fusionpbx. Programing languages eg: php, ruby, C, C++, and other programing frameworks

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We Are Interlite Solutions

Interlite solutions limited is a company that prides in open source software.

We are able to support other companies who need support with IT services, including ticketing systems, billing systems, VOIP or communications systems.


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Our Service unlimited solutions to all your business needs. customisation of all kinds to meet your needs, affordable and long term support.

Call Center

What is a call center?
This term is sometimes mentioned as “contact center” and it’s a kind of service that allows a company to provide means by which its customers are able to call in for support or inquiries.

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  • CRM
  • HelpDesk
  • Website
  • Productive tools
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Products & Solutions

Interlite completely deal in open source software
making its solutions completely affordable and customisable to meet customer requirements.

  • CallCenter

    A contact Center, can be setup with a single or multiple DID numbers.

  • ASTPPs

    Supporting prepaid and postpaid billing

  • CGRates

    Real time voip billing system.

  • JBilling

    Most of the industry relies on offline management of CDR files.

  • Vbilling

    Viking (expanded from wholesale to cover retail too).

  • Kill Bill

    Kill Bill has automated the world's most complex billing problems.

  • Akaunting

    The Accounts overview in Akaunting open source accounting software.


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