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About the VoIP training

Get up to speed on the fundamentals of Voice over IP, the components of VoIP phone systems and what each does. We’ll demystify VoIP by understanding how voice is packetized, how packets move end-to-end, how the voice is re-created at the far end… and what it sounds like with packets missing.

Convergence of voice and data is now a common place mainstream technology. Our Voice Over IP course investigates the characteristics of voice transmission and then studies the impact on IP networks. Practical sessions with soft phones, hard phones and gateways allow the students to see all aspects of VoIP.

Training areas


Anyone really serious about IP telephony must learn FreeSwitch. It is one of the most powerful platforms to build telephony applications.


SIP training, Session Initiation Protocol training providing an overview of SIP, its components, and how it works.


The course will guide you on how to install, configure, tune, and maintain a complete Asterisk system.


Dive into Kamailio SIP Server and integration with other commercial or open source applications, such as Asterisk,


OpenSIPS courses delivered by industry professionals - we can bring the right knowledge to you or your team.


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