OpenSIPs Development

OpenSIPs is an Open Source SIP proxy/server for voice, video, IM, presence and any other SIP extensions. OpenSIPs is a multi-functional, multipurpose signaling SIP server. iNextrix offers OpenSIPs installation, customizations and Custom OpenSIPs services. Our experienced OpenSIPs developers can make it act as SIP Proxy, SIP Router/Switch, SIP Registrar, Application Server, Redirect Server, SIP Load Balancer and SIP Load Dispatcher, Back-to-Back User Agent, Presence Server, IM Server, Session Border Controller or SBC server, SIP Front-End, NAT traversal Server, IP Gateway (SMS, XMPP) and others

OpenSIPs solutions are recommended for any kind of SIP scenario such as

The high throughput – tens of thousands of CPS, millions of ‏simultaneous calls
The flexibility of routing and integration – routing script for implementing custom routing logic, several interfacing APIs
The effective application building – more than 120 modules to provide features, for SIP handling, for back-end operations, for integration, for routing logic


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