JBilling Solution

Most of the industry relies on offline management of CDR files that are normalized, inserted into a database, and then massaged following business rules to obtain the single customer's bill for the period. With the advent of web interfaces that allow the customer to verify their own account in almost real time, the management flow cycle for CDRs has been shortened to be almost instantaneous, albeit still file-based. An open source, mature, and industrial grade example of this approach is JBilling.

JBilling is a Web-based billing system developed in Java. It is cross-platform and supports multiple database systems. The project claims it can scale to “invoice millions” and can be run on a single server or a cluster of specialised nodes. Its features include automated invoice generation and payment processing; the ability to send invoices as e-mails, PDF attachments or paper; the ability to accept partial and advance payments; bundles, packages, plans and promotions; and a business rules management system.

Integration API and Workflow

Set up jBilling to communicate fluidly with custom apps and enterprise systems. jBilling’s robust API addresses 100% of the platform’s functionality. In fact, the jBilling user interface uses the API to interact with the jBilling server so you’re assured an API that keeps pace with product enhancements. You can also fully integrate jBilling with other enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, Accounting, Tax etc. to streamline business processes, cut down on duplicate effort and make sure your data is consistent across systems.

Enterprise-grade Open Source

Remain in control of your billing, always. Billing is mission critical. You need to understand it. You need to trust it. Unlike most billing systems, jBilling is not a black box. Our open source technology gives you complete visibility into source code so you understand exactly how your billing is operating and how you’re interfacing with your other enterprise platforms.


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